Why Should I Be Concerned About Body Imbalance?

Optimal Health And Wellness Depend On Proper Body Alignment

If you were to balance a ball on a stick, the ideal position for the stick would be directly under the ball. The same is true for your spine under your head. When your head properly rests on your spine all of the information that needs to go from your brain to your body is transmitted without interference. But when the bones in your neck shift out of place imbalance occurs, interfering with your brain/body information pathway.

Body Imbalance Always Precedes Pain and Dysfunction

Just as the tires on your car are balanced to ensure even wear, gravity plays a role in body imbalance, causing joints to wear out unevenly when misalignments are present. When your spine attempts to compensate for the imbalance this can play out as your head, shoulders and/or hips shifting, which will then manifests pain or discomfort in your joints.

The Common Signs Of Body Imbalance

What are some of the possible signs that your body lacks balance? You may be walking or running and feel more pressure or pain in one knee than in the other. Perhaps when you look in the mirror you see that one shoulder is higher than the other. Or if your posture is weak, your head may be jutting forward, rounding out your shoulders.

If you believe that you body may be out of balance, Dr. Alfred Tomp can perform an upper cervical exam to determine whether a misalignment is present. If so, they can then determine whether or not your condition can be helped by using Blair Upper Cervical Care to restore proper balance and nerve flow to your body.