What To Expect During Treatment?

Healing Is A Process

For chronic and severe conditions the healing process follows a path known as “retracing.” Just as it took time for your problems to develop, it takes time as your body’s path of restoration retraces its steps back to health. The healing process usually involves two phases: the “retracing” or “repairing” phase and the “resting” phase.

Depending on the damage to your spine and nerve system, the cycles of healing and resting generally repeat themselves every three months from the date of your original correction and can continue until the damage is gone.

The “Retracing” Phase

During periods of retracing you may temporarily feel and be reminded of some of your old injuries and problems. Symptoms similar to what brought you to Precision Chiropractic in the first place may manifest. This is all your body’s way of repairing injuries that were not able to heal properly while your subluxation (nervous system interference caused by body misalignment) was present. Now that your brain and body have full communication, your body will constantly seek to improve its overall health status, working on the areas that need improvement.

The “Resting” Phase

fter you have been holding your adjustment for about six weeks your body will go into the “resting” phase of the healing cycle. During this time you can experience less expression of symptoms and an overall feeling of well-being.

The Importance Of Follow-up Appointments

While your body is healing it is important to get your spine checked on a regular basis through follow-up appointments, to ensure that you are maintaining your correction. This will reassure that, while you are retracing, the symptoms you may feel are due to a healing process rather than a degeneration process caused by subluxation.