What Is Blair Upper Cervical Care?

A Very Gentle Yet Effective Chiropractic Technique

Although most people think that all chiropractors use the same methods to treat their patients, in reality there are a wide variety of chiropractic techniques available. At Precision Chiropractic we specialize in a particular type of upper cervical treatment called Blair Upper Cervical Care. A Blair Upper Cervical Care adjustment, or “correction,” is extremely gentle, very precise and completely painless. This is a low impact correction, with absolutely no cracking, twisting or popping of the neck. Instead, a few pounds of controlled force – only about 5/16s of an inch – is delivered by hand to a specific location on your upper spine, in a precise manner.

Based on Detailed Analysis

In order to have an adjustment hold in place it must be engineered specifically based on the patient’s unique anatomy and circumstances. This is achieved by completing a very exact analysis based on a detailed physical exam and review of health history, thermographic (heat) studies and three-dimensional x-ray analysis. This analysis yields a “blueprint” showing exactly how the correction of the spine is to be given. On follow-up examinations the spine is checked to determine if the adjustment is holding in place, and how the patient is responding or healing.

Quite Different Than Standard Full Spine Chiropractic

  •  Long-Lasting Adjustments – Full spine chiropractors adjust your spine on every treatment. The adjustments given with Blair Upper Cervical Care can hold for weeks, months or even years.
  •  Less Frequent Visits – We typically only see patients about 8 times in the first 6 weeks, and then gradually progress to just once every 4 to 6 weeks.
  •  Painless Treatments – Patients who are afraid of the twisting and cracking that is commonly associated with chiropractic care are relieved to learn that Blair Upper Cervical does not use those techniques.
  •  Successful Methodology – Patients say that Blair Upper Cervical Care is one of the best ways to clear …