Precision Massage (as low as $55)

Dr. Tomp and Dr. Hoefer (Hay-fer) have trained our therapists to work on the cervical region in a way that will compliment your chiropractic treatment. Many patients lose their Blair Upper Cervical adjustments from massage therapy when it is performed by therapists not specifically trained. We offer 50-minute and 110-minute full body massages; pregnancy massages, chair massages, deep tissue, light tissue, energy work, relaxation, therapeutic, auto accident injuries, sports injuries and more.

Our massages range in price, from $70 to $175. We are excited to offer a new payment option for massage therapy. Pay just $65 per month for the first massage and additional massages are only $55 during the month. Call us for all of the details.

We will create a unique experience to meet your individual needs.

Don't forget that you can use your FSA, Flex, or HSA account funds.