What Patients Are Saying

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My parents brought me in when I was young and Dr. Tomp built a great foundation! Now, I have not had my neck adjusted since August of 2008.
- Jim S.

My back no longer hurts and my neck feels 85% better.
- Kimberly K.

Before I came to Dr. Tomp, I had been having severe pain in my abdominal area from my menstrual period. I had been vomiting from it for six months as well. I had also been having knee and ankle problems. My ankle problem was from a soccer game when I fractured my ankle. From that I wasn’t able to run long distances. After one week, I didn’t vomit when I normally would, and I was able to run longer without knee and ankle pain.
- T.B.

My spouse is a medical doctor. My lower back was always in a state of irritation, weakness and or pain and spasm. This has been for 10-15 years. I would relax, exercise it for strength, and take muscle relaxers for the spasms. Since I saw Dr. Tomp, I have had a stronger back, more comfortable standing, sitting, and sleeping, and have NOT had to take one muscle relater since!
- Anonymous

Before chiropractic I suffered from severe headaches and lower back pain. I also was very susceptible to strep throat. Since I have been under the care of the Blair Specific technique, I have no headaches, and soar throat’s are gone. I have an increase in energy as well. I thank my new reborn health to Dr. Tomp’s careful hands!
- J. Miller

I have started playing softball again and also everyday things such as walking, working, and driving I can do without the pain I had before. I have noticed that I feel more energy and much more fit.
- Brian K.

I’ve been to several other chiropractors in the past with different chiropractic methods and all of which gave me pain (BAD!). The Blair method works for me and my health and fitness is great. Thank God for Dr. Tomp.
- Dennis Buck

My eczema is gone and my fingerprints have returned. I haven’t had fingerprints since I was about 4 years old. When I started care in the mid 90’s when I was started working for Dr. Tomp, I had numbness in my legs and arms and was always trying to pop my back. The numbness went away and I don’t feel the need to pop my spine all the time. I didn’t realize how much Tylenol I was taking until I didn’t need it anymore.
- Shelby G. (Employee)

I was a chronic chiropractic patient before I began seeing Dr. Tomp. I used to get adjusted at least two weeks. At first I was skeptical of the Blair method. It was noninvasive and I was concerned it may not be effective. Dr. Tomp asked me to give it 6 weeks. I did and it changed my life. I have been playing golf 3-4 times a week for the past 2 years virtually pain free. I have gone as long as 6 months with my adjustment holding. My overall health has been great and I even became motivated enough to start taking better care of myself. I am 35 pounds lighter than when I started treatment and my golf swing is better than ever.
- Jim Toner

My intestinal disease is in remission. I tolerate colds easier. I have more energy. I sleep more soundly, and lastly, I’ve lost weight just in time to enjoy Thanksgiving pie!
- Kathleen O’Toole, R.N.

Chiropractic got rid of a medical condition called TMJ syndrome. I am also full of a lot more energy and my posture is a lot better. I am very happy I started going to Dr. Tomp.
- Dominique Riley

He is the only chiro I will go to. My fiancé and I were in a pretty bad car accident two years ago and I was referred to Dr. Tomp by one of my co-workers. That was a complete life-changing referral. Before seeing Dr. Tomp I constantly suffered from bad migraines and sore joints, especially my hips. Ever since my initial adjustment, the pain has completely gone away. His chiropractic work is not the traditional form, it is called the Blair technique. Instead of your back and limbs being cracked and yanked in different directions, Dr Tomp focuses on the neck and how your vertebrates align up. Ever since my first visit I have not suffered a migraine, and the pain I had in my hips and other joints is pretty much gone. I praise his work and refer all of my friends/family here.
- Crystal Magnuson

This form of chiropractic care helps me to lead a normal active life. I’ve also noticed I don’t get sick with flu’s and common colds nearly as much as I used it. It has helped me with hip pain, dizziness, neck stiffness, fatigue and sleep disturbances.
- Jennifer Fuentes

Dr. Tomp changed my life! This is no exaggeration. I had been to see 3-4 other chiropractors for low back pain but the day I seriously injured my back and couldn’t sit or walk, my mom said I “had to see Dr. Tomp”. At this point I was on a muscle relaxers and heavy pain pills but my pain was still though the rood. I came to see Dr. Tomp and within no time I could walk, dance, and most importantly enjoy life again. After a few weeks in my horrible pain I didn’t know what I was going to do or how I could live with so much pain. Dr. Tomp truly saved me. Occasionally I through myself out, but he is able to fix me up. And his treatment is very precise. He doesn’t just crank your neck left and right. He gets to the root cause and help to heal you body and my case, my spirit too!
- Elizabeth Cappelletti, LMFT and Co-host of the Holistic Success Show

I have a bad a disc bulge for years, seen orthopedists, neurosurgeons, physical therapists, etc. My best relief was after I first met Dr. Tomp. I am a hair stylist and work on my feet for hours at a time and he has changed my life. I am able to exercise and work more efficiently. When I was pregnant with twins on bed rest, I had minor setbacks with sciatica. Dr. Tomp and his staff went above and beyond and hot me back to making me as comfortable as I can be and he treats infants also! Thank you Dr. Tomp, Shelby, and Dr. Hoefer.
- Brandi Caputa

My back was intense with pain! After a couple of treatments, I felt much better. My chiropractors before used to whip my neck and I was very uncomfortable with that. Now, I play golf and I am pain free. Also, my score is lower! Thanks Two Million!
- Mike Tisherman